Application Areas
Sheet of Prolight
Prolight® (MarlonCS Longlife) is manufactured by Brett Martin to suit the exact shape of Duggan Profiles & Steel Service Centre 1000/32 Proclad® metal and painted profiles.
The products are suitable for all types of construction; in "New Build" as well as refurbishment and renovation, where they replace PVC and GRP.

Prolight® has a wide field of use not only in the extensive industrial building sector but also in applications such as swimming pool covers, stadium roofing, wall glazing, etc.
Prolight® can be used in conjunction with D.P. & S.S.C. Proclad® range of profiled building sheet materials or as 'stand alone' glazing in, for example, greenhouses and DIY applications.
Industrial Roofing Types
Prolight® glazing range has been designed to fit the most common roof constructions in Proclad® metal profiled sheets. These roof constructions and matching Prolight® profile can be divided into the following categories:

A) Single skin metal sheet with Prolight® Rooflights.
B) Site assemble double skin metal sheet with site assembled Prolight®.

Glazing Solutions
Glazing solutions are determined by the locations and geometry of the light transmitting panel, the building construction and the level of light required.
1) Vertical wall glazing.
2) Roofglazing.
3) Ridge Lighting.
4) Chequer board roof lights.
5) Single width to eaves.
6) Continuous runs of rooflights.
Glazing solutions
Stadium with Prolight