ISSUE: DPFD/1000/32/1/02-12-'08
Profarm 1000/32 Class B Non Fragility Installation Method (0.55mm)
Profarm® 1000/32 in 0.55mm, when fixed in accordance with this installation method should achieve Class B Non-Fragility, in accordance with ACR(M)001:2005 'Test For Non-Fragility of Profiled Sheeted Roofing Assemblies'.
During installation all roofing assemblies must be considered Fragile until fully fixed.
Only competent persons should be authorised to be on a roof at any time and they must be made aware of any hazards likely to be encountered e.g. fragile areas of roofing, slippery surfaces, risk of falling at eaves or gable, and any other hazards specific to any one building.
The test work carried out as part of the process of compiling this fixing recommendation did not include the use of sealant. Where it is considered best practice, or desireable to enhance the weather tightness of the roof 2 rows of 9 x 3mm butyl tape to end laps and 1 row of 9 x 3mm butyl tape to side laps should be applied.
All prepainted metal sheets shall be separated from timber by a DPC strip the width of the purlin and fixed to the purlin, with flat-headed galvanised nails. All timber purlins shall be treated with an approved preservative.
  Approved Fixings:

Ashfix LS 25 S19
(Use with cold-rolled Purlins)

Ashfix TF 45 S19
(Use with Timber Purlins)

Ashfix ST 22 S19
(Stitching Screws)

This installation method is applicable
to the following Purlin types:

- Cold-rolled Purlins 1.5 - 2mm thick
- Timber Purlins Grade C16
1000/32 Fixing Instructions
Click here to Download the Profarm 1000/32 Fitting Instructions PDF file (830kb)