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Eaves Strut Eaves Strut to Purlin Cleat ProSigma+ Purlin Eaves Beam
General Information

Eaves Struts are an Eaves Beam Anti Sag component used in conjunction with Eaves Strut Cleats and Eaves Strut to Purlin Cleats to provide anti sag support to Eaves Beams at various points along the span. A drawing of this component is shown below.  
Eaves Strut Diagram
Eaves Struts are fabricated to order and as such may be made to whatever length is required. The “VARIABLE DIMENSION” indicated on the diagram is the bolt centres used to connect to the Eaves Strut Cleat. These vary depending on the angle of incline of the Eaves Strut when installed and are drilled to customer requirements. This product may be supplied to match either galvanised or prepaintd steel. For information on the application of this component please refer to the section Eaves Beam Anti Sag
How to order

The “LENGTH” and “VARIABLE DIMENSION” as indicated on the diagram above are required along with the quantity. The product codes along with a drawing and CAD file are included in the table below. These codes should be used when ordering.  
ProSigma+ Eaves Strut product codes and drawings:
Stays Code: Description: DXF File PDF File
DP-EB-STRUT Eaves Strut: AutoCad File PDF File
DP-PEB-STRUT Eaves Strut (Prepainted):
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