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Structure of Propurlin in the building Duggan Steel in Kilkenny, Callan Road Duggan Profiles & Steel Service Centre Ltd. is the steel sheet profiling division of the Duggan Steel Group. The Group was founded in 1976 as a steel construction company. This is the realm in which the Group has developed considerable expertise over the intervening decades.
Continuing the Group's commitment to providing steel solutions to the construction industry, Duggan Profiles & Steel Service Centre Ltd. was founded on January 1st 1993 as Duggan Profiles Ltd.
Since its inception D.P.& S.S.C has provided an increasing range of profiled steel products, drawing on the experience available within the Group.
Proclad in the building Tibbett & Britten, Dublin D.P.& S.S.C provides a complete range of roof, wall and decking profiles, a comprehensive range of structural purlins, crimped and louvered profiled sheets and a complete range of accessories and fixings for these products.

Each of the products has been developed in-house without recourse to licensing agreements.
Every product manufactured complies with the relevant new European standard (Euronorm) and their British Standard equivalents.

To guarantee the durability and quality of D.P.& S.S.C products raw material supply has been exhaustively researched as the company has tirelessly sought out the finest suppliers of coil products in Europe. In this regard the company has enlisted the assistance of many technical bodies and professional consultants both in the Republic of Ireland and in the UK.
Proclad used as roofing in the building Duggan Steel The company currently numbers amongst its suppliers the two largest steel producers in Europe, Tata Steel for its structural grade galvanised coil for purlin and deck products and ArcelorMittal for its guaranteed colour coated products in polyester and plastisol. The company is also the principal distributor for the Republic of Ireland for profiled MarlonCS Longlife polycarbonate products from Brett Martin.
Each of these companies acts on a close partnership basis in the development of the products for which that company is the nominated supplier. This ensures constant and close control over quality and consistency which is the hallmark of the products we manufacture.

D.P.& S.S.C continues to excel in the development of steel solutions for the Irish Construction Industry. Its achievements have been recognised by Forbairt (Enterprise Ireland) as evidenced by its Company Of The Year Award for 1995 for excellence in business development, and by discerning professionals throughout the Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom.
Proclad in the building An Post, Dublin Our dedication to speed of service and quality of delivery has initiated a new standard for delivery and speed of response to roofing and cladding customers that has been observed in this country in recent years. We will strive to set new standards for customer service in this sector.
Finally may we give our customers and the specifiers of our products our assurance that we will continue to provide quality, innovative and imaginative solutions to the construction industry using steel roofing and cladding products and that we will pay unfailing attention to our customers needs and wishes.