Photo taken at recent launch of partnership in Gowran Race Course: Ian McKane (Brett Martin), Michael Egan (Duggan Profiles & Steel Service Centre), Phil Ruddock (Brett Martin), Tony Butler (Duggan Profiles & Steel Service Centre)

Over 300 guests joined the Duggan Steel Group at the Gowran Park races to launch its appointment as Brett Martin’s principal distributor of polycarbonate in Southern Ireland. Duggan Profiles & Steel Service Centre (D.P.S.S.C.) and Brett Martin agreed in November 2007 a distribution partnership by which D.P.S.S.C. became distributor in Ireland for Marlon CS Longlife corrugated polycarbonate rooflights using the D.P.S.S.C. brand names of Agrilight and Prolight.

This partnership combines the strengths of the foremost supplier of long section steels and manufacturer of profiled roofing material in Ireland, with expertise and product excellence from the foremost manufacturer of the most diverse range of plastics rooflights in the world.

Many similarities exist between the two companies: both are family owned, widely respected as being both experienced and expert in manufacture and efficient distribution of their product ranges to the roofing industry, and have ISO 9001 Quality Management Accreditation. The importance of progressing and innovating in products offered, and all other aspects of business, to best serve customer requirements in highly competitive and changing markets is also very important for both.
The two Company philosophies are also very similar, with an emphasis on customer focus, understanding individual customers and their requirements. D.P.S.S.C. has developed manufacturing, people and distribution resources to provide in Ireland the highest level of service to steel users, fabricators and, in particular, to the farm building sector. Brett Martin recognises that one of the keys to success in any market throughout the world is to identify and work with the most appropriate distribution partner for any product, hence the motto “Global Player – Local Partner”

D.P.S.S.C. has for fifteen years manufactured profiled steel sheets and roofing accessories designed to suit the requirements of the agricultural and industrial building markets, and continues to invest in equipment, product and people to service those markets. The package of material available is comprehensive not only in terms of product specifications and finishes, but also in range – rainwater goods, bespoke flashings, purlins, louvered ventilation sheets, and of course Agrilight and Prolight Rooflights.

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Now in its fiftieth year, Brett Martin are specialists in the manufacture of plastic rooflight sheet products, which are used in a wide range of agricultural, commercial and industrial roofing applications. Its extensive range of Marlon® polycarbonates, Marvec® PVC sheet, and Trilite® GRP are exported to more than 70 countries throughout the world. The company’s expertise also extends into the manufacture of plastic drainage systems for the building industry and sheet products for the print and display market.  This wide array of products feature in a range of diverse applications from the roof canopy of Wembley Stadium to riot shields and drug dispensers.

Agrilight and Prolight are corrugated polycarbonate rooflight sheets made from Brett Martin’s Marlon CS Longlife polycarbonate. Manufactured since 1993, at Brett Martin’s factory in Co. Antrim, Marlon CS Longlife has a history of successful use worldwide in agricultural and horticultural buildings, workshops, factories and warehouses, not to mention many famous sports stadia.

Agrilight and Prolight rooflights have many material and performance advantages. Only proven and premium raw materials are used; processing equipment and manufacturing techniques are the best obtainable. Not only are they light in weight, therefore easy to handle, they have high strength and resistance to impact damage. These rooflights have the high clarity preferred by much of the farming industry. They also have high durability, backed by a 10 year non-discolouration and impact resistance guarantee. Where fire performance is important there is the assurance that these rooflights carry the highest classification achievable when tested by the newest European fire test methods.


In developing the partnership between D.P.S.S.C. and Brett Martin one of the main influences has been the need to satisfy not only the requirements of the Department of Agriculture and Food, but also those of the Health and Safety Authority. Both Companies were involved in the consultations, through the Roofing Manufacturers and Suppliers Association, with the Health and Safety Authority which resulted in the publication of its “Code of Practice for Safety in Roofwork” which sets the “non-fragile” performance classifications for all roof coverings.

By co-operating in an extensive test program, it was possible to derive the performance information on which to base rooflight fitting specifications which enable them to be classified as “Class B non-fragile”. D.P.S.S.C. issues these specifications, which have a 10 year validity period, containing comprehensive fixing guidance with every delivery.


The Department of Agriculture and Food has for many years recognised the need to use on farm buildings roofing coverings which provide a high level of safety. This is of vital importance in reducing accidents and fatalities among the farming community when fitting or working on roofs.

Their Specification S102 “Minimum Standards for Roof Cladding and Side Cladding” was developed and issued to give guidance on suitable materials, specifically in the construction of Grant-Aided buildings. Agrilight and Prolight, listed on S102, when fixed to specification meet and exceed the requirements of that Specification.

When using Agrilight and Prolight there is the assurance, backed by documentation, of vital aspects of performance - clarity, durability, non-fragility, fire – and that compliance with installation specifications will satisfy Health and Safety Authority requirements as well as those of the Department of Agriculture and Food.

Working in partnership D.P.S.S.C. and Brett Martin will ensure that customers using rooflights have in all respects the superior performance product, but also enjoy beneficial levels of professional service and support, from experienced people, not only commercially, but also technically, through project specific advice and specification assistance.

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