The coil material used to roll-form Procolor® can also be provided in sinusoidal form as Corricolor®.
Please contact our Technical Sales Office for details.
Corricolor® is a premium quality product manufactured from galvanised coil to European Standard EN 10147 : 1992.
It consists of a steel substrate which is galvanised for additional protection.
The outer surface is treated, primed and coated with Slate Grey, Juniper Green or Turf Brown polyester.

Internal Environment:
The inner surface is treated, primed and coated with a bright polyester finish. Corricolor® has a light coloured undercoat which gives a bright, airy atmosphere particularly important for good working conditions.

All dimensions are subject to roll forming tolerances.

Corricolor® is available in 0.50mm thickness cut to length.

Corricolor® is available in standard colours, Slate Grey and Juniper Green.

To prevent deterioration caused by contact with wet, green or treated timber due to direct or indirect contact with corrosive materials, a DPC barrier must separate roof cladding material when fixed to timber purlins.

Corricolor® is manufactured by Duggan Profiles & Steel Service Centre Ltd., a Duggan Steel Group Company committed to total quality products.
With management experience in serving the farming and business communities extending over forty years, D.P. & S.S.C. is confident of its ability to serve your requirements no matter how specific they may be.

Storage & Handling:
Corricolor® must not be stored outside. Water ingress between sheets will have a negative effect on the performance of the sheet. Wrapping is only a temporary protection for transport purposes.
For advice on storage and handling please consult the leaflet enclosed in each bale of Corricolor®.

Corricolor® is available countrywide through our long established customer base of approved merchants, stockholders, manufacturers and erectors. Should you have any trouble locating your nearest supplier please contact our offices or one of the Duggan Steel depots.

D.P. & S.S.C. provides a full range of complimentary services and products for their sheeting including Clearlights, Gutters, Trims Flashings and Up-stands.
Full Crimping facilities are available for our 1000/32 Procolor®.

Guaranteed Irish:
Corricolor® is a guaranteed Irish Product.
Sheet of Corricolor
Profile of Corricolor