Box Gutter

Brackets for Box Gutters


Available Material options
450g Galvanised Mild Steel
Pre-painted Steel in both Juniper Green and Slate Grey.

Lengths/Sizes Available

Box Gutters are manufactured with a 150mm (6”) wide base. They are supplied in 4.876m (16’) lengths.

Mid Drops/End Drops/Outlets

Box Mid Drops are available ex stock with either 100(4”) or 75mm(3”) outlets. These can also be used as End Drops with the addition of the appropriate Box Gutter Stopend (supplied separately). Bolt-in Galvanised Plate Outlets are available in either 100(4”) or 75mm(3”).


Box Stopends are available ex stock to match the colour of Gutter in question.

90° Box Angles
These are used to maintain continuity where the run of gutter changes direction e.g. on a hipped roof building. Due to the symmetrical shape of the Box Gutter the same Box Angle will suit both External and Internal applications.

Mounting Brackets
These are manufactured from 30 x 5mm mild steel and galvanized after manufacture. They are available in a variety of types as outlined below to suit the application in question.


Lengths/Sizes Available
The standard downpipe is 100mm (4”) x 3m long. 75mm (3”) downpipes are also available in either 2 or 3m lengths.

Mounting Brackets
Mounting brackets supplied separately to suit the downpipes.

Swan Necks & Toes
Toes and Swan Necks to fit the standard downpipe range are available ex stock. Standard Swan Necks are available with offsets of 225 or 300mm. Off Standard Swan Necks with custom offsets can also be produced to customer requirements.

Galvanized Bolt-in Outlets are available in either 100 or 75mm diameter.