Structure of Agripurlin
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Typical detail of Agripurlin
Section dimensions
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Different sections of Agripurlin
Agripurlin® is a steel roof purlin specifically designed for the agricultural sector. Its unique design makes it over twice as strong as the equivalent timber size. This has been proven in tests carried out in Ireland at the Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton Street.
Agripurlin® is available in size:
125 x 75mm (5” x 3”) in 1.2mm & 1.5mm thickness
150 x 75mm (6” x 3”) in 1.2mm & 1.5mm thickness
175 x 75mm (7” x 3”) in 1.2mm & 1.5mm thickness
200 x 75mm (8” x 3”) in 1.5mm thickness
Agripurlin® takes full advantage of steel's high strength to weight ratio. This allows the Agripurlin® to be half as heavy as the equivalent timber size making on-site erection much simpler and less time consuming. Agripurlin® is pre-punched saving further on-site time and thereby cutting costs. Agripurlin® also contains weep holes to prevent condensation accumulating water in the flanges.
To replace timber in 4.8m span buildings use Agripurlin® in the same size as the equivalent timber size. For spans over 4.8m (15’9”) please use the load tables on page 12. When using Agripurlin™ with asbestos or fibre cement sheeting please contact our Technical Department.
Grant Acceptance:
Agripurlin® is a steel purlin which is Grant Accepted for use in animal houses in Ireland by the Department of Agriculture.
Agripurlin® is a premium quality product manufactured to BS EN 10142: 1991, grade FeP 02G commercial quality. It consists of a steel substrate galvanised to 275 grammes per square metre. Both surfaces are treated, then primed and coated with 35 microns of high grade polyester for maximum life.
Farm Building:
Agripurlin® is suitable for use on all farm buildings: Animal houses, Haybarns, Machinery sheds etc.
Agripurlin® is available through your local farm building manufacturer. Should you have any trouble locating your nearest supplier please contact one of our offices.
Internal Environment:
Agripurlin® has a bright coloured finish which gives a light, airy atmosphere particularly important for good working conditions.
D.P. & S.S.C. provides a full range of cleats and accessories to complement the Agripurlin® range.
Agripurlin® is manufactured by Duggan Profiles & Steel Service Centre Ltd., a Duggan Steel Group company committed to total quality products, with management experience in serving the farming and business communities extending over forty years.
Guaranteed Irish:
Agripurlin® is guaranteed Irish product.
Guaranteed Long Life:
Agripurlin® is guaranteed for 15 years.