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Duggan Steel (Irl.) Ltd., located at one of the Group’s three factories in Kilkenny, is ideally located as a distribution centre in the middle of the island of Ireland. This location provides ideal centralisation of stock for rapid re-distribution throughout Ireland. The Company also operates depots in Cork and Limerick to further ensure that all parts of the country are provided with a comprehensive service.
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Duggan Steel (Irl.) Ltd. has now a custom built warehouse facility of over 85,000 sq. ft. in Kilkenny. This is one of the most modern facilities in the country.
The Group continues to excel in the development of steel solutions for the Irish construction and manufacturing industry. The achievements of the Duggan Steel Group have been recognised by Forbairt with a Company Of The Year Award for 1995 for excellence in business development, also by a Kilkenny For Excellence Business of the Year Award for 1998 and, most importantly, by the continued loyalty and support of all our customers and professional advisers within the industry.
Sales Room
We will strive to set new standards for customer service in the steel industry.
As a very competitive supplier to Irish customers Duggan Steel (Irl.) Ltd. offers an immediate service throughout Ireland with express next day delivery guaranteed.
The Company provides an increasing range of steel products and services, from cutting and folding of plates, to reinforcing bar cutting and bending, to beam cutting, shot-blasting and priming. An indication of the range of steel products carried by Duggan Steel is outlined in the product list.
It is also the Company’s policy to hold particular products in stock to cater for individual customer requirements. The Duggan Steel (Irl.) Sales team constantly endeavour to respond to all customer inquiries as quickly as possible and to help in every way in the fulfilment of any particular requirements.
Our field Sales Executives will call to you personally to ensure that you are satisfied with every aspect of our service. Duggan Steel engages a large fleet of dedicated professional hauliers to guarantee the quality of service and product as it arrives in our customers premises.
To ensure the quality of the products supplied by Duggan Steel (Irl.) raw material supply has been extensively researched as the company has tirelessly sought out the finest suppliers of mild steel and high yield products in Europe.
Finally may we give our customers and the specifiers of our products our assurance that we will continue to provide innovative and imaginative solutions to the construction industry using quality steel products and that we will pay unfailing attention to our customers needs and wishes.