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Duggan Steel Group Ltd. On-Line Application Form
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I acknowledge that the information given will be held by the Duggan Steel Group in electronic data format for the purpose of processing my application and I consent to information concerning me being held in this manner. In connection with my application for employment, I authorise all corporations, companies, educational institutions, persons, law enforcement agencies, former employers, to release information they may have about me to the person or the company with which the application has been filed and release them from any liability and responsibility from doing so. I declare that the information supplied above and on my C.V. is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and I am aware that the provision of any inaccurate information may lead to invalidation of my application or should I be successful on the basis of misleading/false information that this would lead to the termination of my employment.

The Duggan Steel Group is an equal opportunities employer.